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Well, we noticed that in the deepest italian night there came foreign bloggers in order to pay visit to “Efialte”, and we consequently thought we may help any non-italian people visiting “Efialte” (or “Ephialtes”) to grasp the general meaning of what is happening here.
The general framework is a creative course on «Ancient Drama Techniques», «Tecniche del Dramma Antico», Coordinated in the Facoltà di Lettere e Filosofia, Università degli Studi di Sassari, Sassari, Sardinia, Italy, by Andrea Blasina (vedi la scheda su uniss.it). Our main theme in this year is Tantalus’s and Pelopidae’s myths. We ate myths, and you caught us in our digestive phase.
The general themes in this course are «reflexion», «writing», «production».
– The group singled out some characters that are giving birth to objects and installations, such as Pelops, the triad Agamemnon-Clytemnestra-Cassandra, the whole perverted genealogical tree of the genos, the slaughtered-cooked-eaten children of Thyestes, digested in cookies, in an audience-oriented game or in the popular dolls called ‘pigotte‘. The contribution are traced by the single individualities and shaped by the community.
Writing activities include so far: a fairytale about the fate of Thyestes’s sons; a new writing of the astonishing prologue of Seneca’s Thyestes; and a short movie storyboard/layout/screenplay transposing the myth in a sci-fi history.
Research activities singled out family relationships (you can check here and here) and reflections on related themes and texts.
meeting people is an important task. We met Marco Caracciolo, journalist and multimedia producer.
Being part of a project named after Ephialtes definitely asks for a fondness to interpret the text and, by this, betray it. we are dealing with human corpses being eaten: that’s why an installation called «corpo tipografico» (typographical body / typographical corpse) is about to be produced.

Many other results are omitted in this account, or are yet to be seen on “Efialte”.

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