Following the (March report), having been one of the most read reports in this weblog, we wish to tell you what happened in our April activities. “Efialte” (or “Ephialtes”) is a website reporting the results of a creative course on «Ancient Drama Techniques», «Tecniche del Dramma Antico», Coordinated in the Facoltà di Lettere e Filosofia, Università degli Studi di Sassari, Sassari, Sardinia, Italy, by (Andrea Blasina).
Our April activities brought to end some production lines: the kids shaped cookies are now a regulard product by the famous pastry «Pino Puggioni», and they bear the name «Tiestini» (Thyestes’s sons: you can see them here). The cookies’ theme is «Let’s make the watcher feel as a part of the myth, let’s transform the watcher in the eater». Another realized object is the drap sewn by Philomela in order to tell Procne she suffered violence from Procne’s husband. Two conceptual products found a complete thematization: the exhibition of Clytaimestra’s and Cassandra’s scene dresses, and the pierced table in which head, hands and feet may be inserted in order to appear on a silver dish (a quotation from Seneca’s Thyestes: Cecilia’s post may be read here).
A special mention deserves our audio-fairytale, the complete citationist re-creation of a popular italian children product (“Fiabe sonore”): the laboratory succeeded in mixing up the fairytale techniques with the all-too-gore myth of Atreus and Thyestes. The best version of the Fiaba remains this (CLICK). A video version was also tried: thanks have to be given to BZPower team and Lego (c) Bionicle (visual version here). Efialte produced a story-board for a short movie based on the cooking theme (to be seen here, with a lot of graphics), and an astonishing role-playing game entitled «Being Oedipus». Since the audience has to be enrolled in the mythical plot, efialte’s machinery director castalia realized a guestbook entitled «Family recipes», in which the name of the guests will be enlisted under the voice «Ingredients» (maybe you’d like to see it here).
Many other original texts, drawings, sketches, ideas are spread on Efialte’s path: we ought to remember that the website name wants to remember the Thermopylae betrayer: this site is devoted to the decontruction and re-construction of ancient texts. Thank you for any comments you should like to leave.